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MGI Pacific provides its market views based on the firm's proprietary data sets and algorithms courtesy of Property Passbook.

Property Development Property Development

MGI Pacific is actively involved in real estate development projects as both a capital advisor and as an active participant in the development process.

Capital Markets Capital Markets

MGI Pacific believes that only by actively understanding both public and private market conditions can capital be allocated effectively into the real estate market.

Canadian Real Estate Private Equity

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Our Canadian Real Estate Market Thesis

Canada remains a robust economy, with positive demographics, and excellent relative fundamentals when compared with other G20 nations. As a result, MGI Pacific continues to look for opportunities across geographis and asset classes that meet the firm's Canadian investment requirements. These opportunities are often sought in higher risk areas including development, less liquid real estate asset classes, project financing, and smaller geographic catchments.


  • Excellent Demographics in Select Sub-Markets
  • Favorable Supply/Demand Ratios in Numerous Secondary and Tertiary Geographic Catchments
  • Opportunity to Bring Under Used Development and Financing Strategies to Numerous Markets

MGI Pacific utilizes its proprietary research and data analytics to identifiy sub-markets that meet the firm's investment critieria.  This top down analysis acts as a first screen which allows our acquisitions team to focus on sub-markets that have both the macroeconomic fundamentals and supply/demand ratios that the firm deems desirable.

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