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MGI Pacific is actively involved in real estate development projects as both a capital advisor and as an active participant in the development process.

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MGI Pacific believes that only by actively understanding both public and private market conditions can capital be allocated effectively into the real estate market.

Canadian Real Estate Private Equity

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我们的加拿大房地产市场 论文

Canada remains a robust economy, with positive demographics, 当与其他&NBSP比较优异的相对基本面; 20国集团. 作为结果, MGI地区继续寻找跨geographis和资产类别&NBSP机会;符合公司的加拿大投资需求. 这些机会往往寻求高风险领域,包括发展, 流动性较差的房地产类资产, 项目融资, 而较小的地理流域.


  • 在选择细分市场优秀人口统计学
  • 有利的供应/需求比率 在众多的二,三地理流域
  • 的机会,将下使用 发展和融资策略,以众多市场

MGI Pacific utilizes its proprietary research and data analytics to identifiy sub-markets that meet the firm's investment critieria.  This top down analysis acts as a first screen which allows our acquisitions team to focus on sub-markets that have both the macroeconomic fundamentals and supply/demand ratios that the firm deems desirable.