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Analytics and Consulting

Our advisory business focuses on collaborative long-standing relationships with our clients, ensuring each client has access to the full range of MGI Pacific’s global resources. From our base in Shanghai, China we are able to provide both foreign and domestic real estate, private equity, infrastructure, and hedge fund GP’s with the advice they need to optimize their cross-border and international business.

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Canadian Real Estate Private Equity

Our Thesis Canada remains a robust economy, with positive demographics, and excellent relative fundamentals when compared with comparable G20 nations.

MGI Pacific utilizes its proprietary research and data analytics to identifiy sub-markets that meet the firm's investment critieria.  This top down analysis acts as a first screen which allows our acquisitions team to focus on sub-markets that have both the macroeconomic fundamentals and supply/demand ratios that the firm deems desirable.

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China Private Equity Real Estate

Our Thesis China remains a robust economy, with positive demographics, and excellent relative fundamentals when compared with comparable G20 nations.The Chinese real estate market remains the most transparent way to invest directly in RMB denominated assets.  Although the market itself remains immature, compared with public Chinese equities and debt, the real estate market gives foreign investors the transparency needed in order to perform both due diligence and to forecast likely future performance.

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Global Real Estate Securities

The global publicly listed real estate market has seen significant expansion over the past decade as more countries have adopted REIT legislation. We believe the the best way to capitalize on the growing securitization of real estate and the historically beneficial investment characteristics of large-scale income-producing properties can often be through holding select securities.

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Real Estate Development

Customized Client Development Services. Real estate development and construction is complex matter.  MGI Pacific strives at using its local relationships to ease the process, while using its global perspective to apply cost-saving value add strategies to markets not currently utilizing select operational practices. 

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Real Estate Technology Investment

Our Thesis Real Estate is an industry that largely lags many other sectors due to many of the structural issues that have existed for generations. MGI Pacific feels strongly that disruptive innovation is inevitable and that many different points of the real estate value chain are vulnerable to disruption including architecture, construction, procurement, sales, marketing, and property management. More

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